• Condiment bottles 
  • Set of 2

Viovia Condiment Bottles- Set of 2

SKU: VIO-0466
  • ESSENTIAL ADDITION TO YOUR KITCHEN, BARBECUE, WEDDINGS, LUNCHEONS, ETC.- Perfect for holding all condiments: BBQ sauce, olive oil, ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, pancake mix, maple syrup, salad dressing, ranch, etc.
  • OUTSTANDING CONTAINER WITH ANTI LEAK CAP- Our squeeze bottles come with the mess-free lids so you won't experience leaky lids when squirting your favorite sauce or ketchup. Unlike those who give separated tip caps, we provide you with a snapped on cap attached to the lid to avoid losing.
  • 14 OZ CLEAR SQUEEZE, CONDIMENT BOTTLES made from plastic that is 100 PERCENT BPA FREE. Slender design takes up less room in your fridge while holding the same amount of sauce as store bought bottles.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE AND EASY TO USE – Whether you intend to use the bottles in the kitchen - oil, vinegar, sauces,ketchup,hot sauce and other condiments; in the garage – lubricants and cleaning liquids; for arts and crafts – glue and ink, or for whichever liquids you have in mind, these versatile squeeze bottles come in handy. You can see the content level in the bottle.Just squeeze the body of bottles to make liquid flow and discrete measurements.