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  • Our essential 14 oz clear squeeze condiment bottles, perfect for any kitchen, barbecue, weddings, luncheons, and more.
  • These BPA-free plastic bottles are ideal for holding various condiments like BBQ sauce, olive oil, ketchup, mustard, and more.
  • With anti-leak caps, you won't experience messy spills, and the slender design saves fridge space.
  • These versatile bottles are easy to use for a variety of purposes, from kitchen ingredients to garage lubricants and arts and crafts materials.
  • Simply squeeze the bottle to dispense liquids, and the clear design allows you to monitor the contents easily.

viovia Condiment Bottles Set of 2

SKU: VIO-0466

8.9"H x2.4"W

(22.5cm x 6cm)

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