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  • PERFECT FOR PET OWNERS - You must know the value of a good lint remover for pet hair as a pet owner. This handy pet hair remover does a great job of removing dog hair, cat hair and more from your furniture and clothes. Reusable and easy to clean, your best choice.
  • No wasteful sticky lint rollers or power source needed with Broxan reusable lint brush. It's super easy and efficient to remove various pieces of lint, fuzz, fur, dust, debris, dandruff and pet hair that gets caught on your clothing, bedding, sofa, furniture, upholstery and more just like a magic wand!
  • With reusable two sides, you won't wear the lint remover brush out faster. This clothes brush can be used right or left handed comfortably with sturdy handle.

BROXAN Reusable Lint Brush

SKU: BRX-0679