BLUEOCO is the parent company of 11 brands.  We have a relentless focus on growing sales in existing and new categories by introducing NEW and INNOVATIVE products that customers have never seen, but instantly recognize the function, fashion, trend and great value.


Since our inception, we have launched over 1,000 products in retail stores and online. Our business has 5 distinct areas of focus:


1) GECKOBRANDS: Geckobrands develops products for 3 specific reasons.   Our products can go IN WATER, AROUND WATER (rain and splashing), and EVERYWHERE YOU GO (bags that help you take the things you need to the places you love).   From waterproof bags, beach totes, utility totes, coolers, backpacks, and so much more, there is a perfect bag for you in our assortment.


2) IMPULSE GROCERY: In August 2012, BLUEOCO began the development of the most comprehensive PREMIUM impulse merchandising program. Specifically designed for premium food retailers, partnering with ANC (American News Corporation, formerly TNG) to establish a world class assortment, and backed by the most efficient execution at retail. ANC / ACCELERATE is the EXCLUSIVE distributor in grocery stores for IMPULSE products merchandised in front of food, beer, wine, liquor, baby, pet, and HBC.

ACCELERATE and JACENT (our primary competitor) both merchandise products in front of food, other than that EVERYTHING is different.  Our PRODUCTS, PLACEMENT, SERVICE and VALUE drive EXTREME sales increases when retailers convert to the ACCELERATE program.


3) IMPULSE LIQUOR: In 2017 we began expanding our IMPULSE products into liquor stores providing FREE FIXTURES and our best in class products for this channel.  We now have over 1,000 stores selling our products in front of BEER, WINE and SPIRITS.


4) STRATEGIC LICENSES: We have over 50 products available in REALTREE including waterproof products, lifestyle bags, coolers, backpacks, and more. In 2020 we will launch products under the MARGARITAVILLE BRANDS including Island Reserve, Margaritaville, 5oclock Somewhere and Landshark.


5) BRAND & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Since 2013 we have created over hundreds of products for retailers own brands.  We can partner with retailers on all aspects of product and brand development including trademarking, product development, packaging and sourcing. We provide a comprehensive TURN-KEY solution.