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  • A reusable and eco-friendly water bottle.
  • Includes a strap for easy carrying
  • Leakproof Lid and can Get a Quick Drink: It's leakproof because of its silicone pad and silicone sealing ring. Place it sideways, even upside down, the water will not be going anywhere. Besides, our water bottle flip-top lid offers you a quick drink, it has a super secure lock and push mechanism, you just need to open the bottle by one-click, then slide your hand into the side strap and start to drink.
  • Includes Portable carrying strap, you can wear the bottle on your wrist or attach it to your belt, backpack or bicycle, it 's convenient for you to take it anywhere. In addition, there is a silicone layer in the middle of the bottle to avoid of slipping while taking the bottle. So you can take the bottle firmly while cycling or doing other sports

KOLORAE Water Bottle 500Ml

SKU: KOL-0243