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  • STAY HYDRATED ON THE GO: Sip down your muscle building fuel during the exhaustive fitness sessions. Our shaker bottle can be used to store your pre workout drinks, post workout drinks, meal replacements or any drink you want. Perfect for carrying drinks to your fitness training, dance sessions, office, and competitions.
  • GET SMOOTH, DELICIOUS SHAKES ALL THE TIME: Hate lumpy shakes? The functional whisk ball that comes with the shaker bottle whips the liquid and cuts through powders, allowing you to make protein shakes on your way to the gym. No need to carry multiple accessories.
  • 16-OUNCE CAPACITY- Each of these shake mixer bottles has a 16-ounce capacity so there is plenty of space available to you for mixing your favorite protein drink. This way you can take your protein shake to the gym and carry it instead of your regular water bottle for better nutrition.
  • HOOK FOR EASY CARRYING- These protein drink shaker bottles come with a sturdy loop top so that you can carry it easily and hook somewhere for storage. Additionally, the bottle fits in most bottle holders so that you can always have it on your person no matter where you go.
  • DEAL FOR FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS- These protein powder shaker bottles are perfect for any fitness enthusiasts or gym rats who are in constantly need of adequate nutrition. Gift it to the athlete in your life and you can bet that these bottles will see a lot of action!

KOLORAE Shaker Cup 16oz

SKU: KOL-0654