• Helps cleaning process be quick and effortless

Broxan Micro Fiber Cloth With Mesh Back - Set of 2

SKU: BRX-0348
  • GENTLE ON SURFACES, TOUGH ON GREASE AND GRIME: These cloths are a must have for your cleaning needs. Great for different surfaces- stainless steel, glass, dishes, counters, desks, tables, car, wood, tile, you name it! They are gentle on surfaces yet provide the streak free and non-scratch scrubbing power to get the job done. Don’t need to scrub? No worries, just use the non poly scour side for simple cleaning tasks like dusting.
  • MICROFIBER- THE MATERIAL YOU TRUST: Microfiber is known for its antimicrobial properties due to the positive charge that clings to the negatively charged dirt and bacteria. Microfiber is routinely used in locations that require superior cleansing, such as hospitals and schools. Microfiber is extremely absorbent which helps clean up those large messes