• Quick, clean, easy to use
  • Clean litter stays in the litter box
  • Bag count 20

Blue Paws LitterScoop With Bag Holder

SKU: BLU-0191
    • PERFECT FOR ALL LITER BOXES- LIMIT THE LITTER WASTE: No matter if you are using clumping litter, pellet litter or whatever you like best, this scooper is a great choice! The big holes will allow the litter to fall through while even the smallest pieces of poop will stay in place! Your litter will stay longer in the box saving you money and time!
    • CONVENIENT SIZE: No matter if your litter box is small or big, this scooper will do the job! With such a convenient size you can definitely reach even the smaller corners to clean the litter better than ever! It works wonders even with round litter boxes.
  • This product is not a toy. Keep away from babies, children and pets because of suffocation hazard. For use by adults for intended purposes only.

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