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  • EASY TO USE: simply place the wine corkscrew opener over the bottle, twist the handle to insert the auger into the cork, and watch the opener's wings rise. Then press the wings down to extract the cork.
  • ERGONOMIC EASY-GRIP DESIGN FOR EASY PULLING: These colorful corkscrews are very easy to grasp and effortless to turn thanks to its ergonomical design. Waiter's corkscrews usually require about 50-100 pounds of pulling force to extract corks. Our corkscrew has a hand-friendly grip that is shaped to ensure strain-less uncorking: the butterfly dual-levered structure also makes opening incredibly simple and easy.
  • Unique design removes corks without breakage, no pulling necessary.
  • SLEEK LOOK WITH VARIETY OF COLORS- Our colorful wine opener looks stylish and fits all occasions like homes, bars, meetings, parties or weddings. Smooth screw can go into corks easily to grasp cork without breaking and crumbling apart.

KOLORAE Winged Corkscrew

SKU: KOL-0146
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