• MULTI-FUNCTIONAL :  BROXAN SILICONE BOTTLE BRUSH AND STRAW CLEANER is made from safe silicone instead of a sponge, free of pollution, absolute environmental protection. Soft silicone bristles do not leave behind new scratches after cleaning your bottles, which keeps them safe and healthy. Straw Cleaning brushes are made from durable, strong but soft nylon.

Broxan Silicone Bottle Brush And Straw Cleaner

SKU: BRX-0726
  • BETTER HYGIENE : Bottle brush and straw cleaner set repels unpleasant odors, grease and stains, preventing nasty germ build-up which is more hygienic and healthier for your family. It’s finally time to toss away all smelly sponges!
  • EASY CLEANING : Broxan Silicone Bottle Brush and Straw Cleaner cleans your bottles and straws easily. Long brush bristles are soft and gentle enough to slip through narrow areas and clean kitchen bottles without leaving behind any residue or scratches.