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  • How can I check whether an item is in stock?
    Stock availibility is shown in the product listing and details for each item. Be sure to select a color or size if options are available in your desired product.
  • If my device or other item gets wet inside one of your products, will you replace it?"
    There are many ways for items to get wet and there is no way of knowing how anyone’s gear might have been damaged. We cannot assume responsibility for wet devices or other items since people could request a replacement for all their old items to us. The success of our products depend on proper closure and protection from sharp objects. Be sure to inspect the dry bags before each use for punctures or tears. When used as intended and closed properly, the products will provide the appropriate protection.
  • Where can I find geckobrands products?
    In addition to, geckobrands products are currently sold at retailers through the US, Caribbean, Central America and South America. A few such retailers include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Ron Jon Surf Shops, Meijer, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Bill and Paul’s, Dive Friends Bonaire, B&B Department Stores, Tsunami Surf Shops,, and a many local retailers. Additional retailers continue to add geckobrands to their assortment, and we will continue to update our dealer page to reflect our valued partners.
  • Do you offer custom logo options for your products?
    We currently offer the opportunity to add your logo or message for quantities of 300 or more units at this time. However, we are working on a domestic solution with smaller minimum order quantities where we can customize our items without damaging the dry bag technology. Please call us at 616-284-1040 to speak to a sales representative to review options.
  • What ‘level’ of waterproof does your product provide? Can it be submersed?
    Several rating systems exist, but there is not currently a US waterproof standard. Dry bag products are designed for nearly every weather condition and outdoor use, including boating, kayaking, camping, team sports, golf, pool, water parks and beach. Most of our products are designed to offer protection when you align the top edges, roll at least 3 times and click the buckle closed (to the side or together). Several of our mobile device products have a zip and roll close designed to handle quick submersions. They can be used for nearly any outdoor activity, but the cases not intended for submersion and under water activities. Our float phone case was developed to support the more extreme water actvities. It is ideal for activities like stand up paddle or kayking since the case will float on top of the water with your device or other items inside.
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