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  • Viovia silicone glove is safe up to 450 degrees F.
  • Soft, comfortable lining.
  • Non-skid silicone on the outside protects your hands from heat.
  • Constructed of durable silicone, the mitts are slip-resistant, helping you to get the best grip while you cook! The unique textured pattern of the silicone helps you hold tight to pans, pots and baking sheets without hindering your natural grip.
  • One loop is also included on each mitt to make for easy hanging when the mitts are not in use.
  • Our food grade silicone is FDA-approved, BPA-free and non-toxic, making it the safest choice for you and your loved ones!
  • Easy to clean with just some warm water and a little soap. They won'ttear, thin or fray.

viovia Silicone Glove

SKU: VIO-0266

14.2"H x 7.5"W x 0.6"D

(36cm x 19cm x 1.5cm)