• Slide on with ease and creates the perfect seal.
  • For chip bags, cereal, cookies, and more
  • Set of 4

Kolorae Bag Sealing Sticks

SKU: KOL-0743
    • SUPER EASY TO USE- Kolorae Slide-On Bag Sealer Sticks are very easy to use. Reusable and no expensive electrical devices are required. First, fold the top of a bag. Then, simply slide the bottom/yellow part of the Bag Sealer Stick into the fold and the top part over the fold. The top part of the Bag Sealer Stick will keep the folded bag closed firmly.
    • MULTIPLE USES- Kolorae Slide-On Bag Sealer Sticks are a perfect solution for preserving anything from food to medicine. For example: chips, nuts, fruit, vegetables, coffee, tea, cookies, cakes, bread, cereals, pasta, rice, etc.
    • DURABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE- However, hand wash is recommended. The Kolorae Slide-On Bag Sealer Sticks can also be used in a freezer. The dimensions of the Slide-On Bag Sealer Sticks are compact, so you can store them anywhere in your kitchen.
    • AIRTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT - Keep the freshness of the food as long as possible, suitable for snack bags, cereal bags, fresh and frozen foods, pet food bag etc.
    • COMES IN 2 SIZES FOR VARIETY OF USES- Suitable for plastic bags of all sizes. Keep fresh so easy! Also made of non-toxic and strong odor-free material that does no harm to children and you.

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